Welcoming to Faking It

“Because parenting, making amazing crafts, that rainbow cake, working and being happy should not be this hard…”

-The Fake Pinterest Mom

(I’ve always wanted to quote myself. Never again will I do so because it looks ridiculous but now I can check it off my bucket list.)

Howdy! You’ve stumbled upon the perfect site if you have always wanted to be the perfect Pinterest mom or dad but do not have the time or energy to do so. Don’t worry we’ll help you fake it! Because who does have the time or energy to do so? I sure wish I did. My mom, God bless her, was the original Pinterest mom. A stay at home mom with four kids, she did it all. Homemade costumes? Done. Triple-tiered Barbie cakes? Easy peasy! Made to scale realistic volcano within a biome with real to touch trees, sand, water? No problem!

Thank you, Mom, for everything! My childhood was amazing and I never realized how difficult it was to do all these things with four kids, while also maintaining a household, never missing a game, and always printing and bringing that paper, we somehow always forgot was due that day. To all the stay at home moms who do it all, thank you, your job is not easy but you do it all!

As for me, I had my first at 20. And while I wish I could do for my son, all that my mom had done for me, it just wasn’t possible. As a single mom, who worked full time, and was in school full time, just reading a bedtime story was an accomplishment. So to all, you single parents doing it all, being both parents and just trying to get by, I have been you and I understand you. Feel free to peruse the site and bookmark posts for later. Heaven only knows how many pins, I pinned to a board without actually making anything with it.

And while I eventually received my associates of arts (I’m currently working on a Forensic Accounting degree), got married, and had another child. I still have minimal time to accomplish all the crafts, recipes, and top 10 lists I would like (as I begin this blog). But with that minimal time, I occasionally accomplish some things. And while I accomplished those things, I realized that there are quick cheats to those accomplishments that allow you to make something easier and faster. Or I have discovered an easier recipe/step by step to do so.

So to all those parents who would love to do it all, I’ve got you! There will be recipe posts with the recipe first (who else despises when you have to scroll through someone’s entire life story just to get to the recipe, please stop that) and step by step photos. Crafts with photos and/or videos included (because I myself could not for the life of me figure out how to do that crochet stitch without 5 photos and a video). And some wonderful Top 10 lists to scroll through. If you’re like me, your bathroom time is the only time you can escape your kids without feeling guilty. And sometimes you do not want to go to fifteen different sites to find your next show, movie, book, album, recipe, etc…

So strap on in buckaroo, it’s time to explore, learn some new things, and just maybe put together that cardboard castle you always dreamed of having as a kid, but you can now make for your miniatures!

The Fake Pinterest Mom

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