New Year, New You, New (to you) Shows

I’m not ashamed to say it, Netflix is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had (I can say that without hurting my husband’s feelings. We’re married, he isn’t my boyfriend anymore). Seriously, HE (I’ve only had boyfriends, had I participated in that whole experiment in college thing, Netflix would be the best girlfriend I’ve ever had) has never let me down. He constantly suggests new shows to me, checks in on me constantly, and is always working. Tell me anyone you’ve dated who is that consistent, I DARE YOU. That being said I do dabble occasionally with Hulu. He’s not as great as Netflix, I mean commercials unless you upgrade? And have made a wonderful mistake or two with Amazon Prime, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel anyone? But Netflix will always be my main man. So, if you and your partner are looking for a show that counts as your “date night” or you want something to watch while you’re taking your 25 min bathroom break, look no further! Below are a variety of shows available either on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

Please know not all shows on this list are appropriate for all ages. Please use your best judgment when watching with children.

The images below are not my own and belong to the respective TV shows and networks.

Killing Eve

Eve is a brilliant but bored MI6 desk agent. When she makes the connection between a murder and an undiscovered female assassin, her world changes. Eve begins her own investigation into the unknown assassin and unknowingly stumbles into something bigger than she expected. Full of dark humor and action, Sandra Oh is delightful as Eve, in Killing Eve. Killing Eve is currently available on Hulu and BBC America. TV-MA

Altered Carbon

Taking place 300 years in the future, technology has been invented so that you can transfer bodies. Say for example you get in a car crash and die, if your disk (located in the back your neck) is not damaged you may purchase a new body or sleeve, transfer your disk, and continue to live. Enter Kovacs, an incarcerated former mercenary soldier whose prison time is paid off by a wealthy benefactor so that Kovacs may solve his murder. If you’ve read the book, the show stays pretty true to it. The script can be lacking at times but the fight scenes and cinematography more than make up for it. Altered Carbon is currently only available on Netflix.



Every episode of Letterkenny begins with the words “There are 5,000 people in the town of Letterkenny, these are their problems.” And that pretty much sums up this hilarious Canadian show. The show follows the daily adventures and problems of a group of farmers known as “the hicks”, the local drug addicts known as “the skids”, the local hockey team, and the “natives” who are members of the local First Nation. I recommend you watch Letterkenny with subtitles. The jokes are so fast you’ll need some additional help to make sure you get it all. You’ll also learn some wonderful slang like “pitter patter”, “10-ply” and “sandos”. You’ll have to watch or Google to find out their meaning. Letterkenny is only available on Hulu in the US. TV-MA

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

A reboot of the 80s classic, She-Ra tells the tale of Adora, a trained Horde soldier, who finds a magical sword. The magical sword transforms Adora into the mystical hero She-Ra. Realizing all the evil the Horde has done and continues to do so, she joins the side of the rebellion and uses her soldier skills and magical She-Ra abilities to take down the Horde. She-Ra may be under the kid’s tab on Netflix, but it’s meant for all ages. The visuals are amazing, and the dialogue is fantastic. The voice acting also quite fantastic. I watch it with my son, so I don’t feel weird selecting it from the kid’s tab. But I swear, if he tries to watch something else, I’m striking off onto my own and watching it solo. Forget loyalty. She-Ra is currently only available on Netflix. TV-Y7


Shawn Spencer is Santa Barbara’s local and only psychic detective. The thing is Shawn’s not really psychic, Shawn is however highly observant. You see, Shawn was trained at a young age by his father, a member of the Santa Barbara police force, to be overly observant. And while Shawn ignored his father’s wishes to join the Santa Barbara police force, he can’t help but butt in and solve a case, in his own way. Shawn along with his best buddy Gus, a full-time pharmaceutical sales rep part-time detective, run the detective agency Psych. Shawn and Gus stumble onto cases that often lead to danger and trouble but always come out on the winning side in the end. I cannot say enough good things about Psych, it’s so so funny and so so wonderful. The cases are interesting, and the theme song is addicting. If you’re ever having a bad day and need a pick me up, Psych will help you out. Currently, Psych is only available on Amazon Prime Video. TV-PG


When a priest’s newly discovered daughter is taken by a demon, he finds himself looking for help in the most unlikely of places, an unconventional demon hunter named Elvis. He’s a bit of a smart ass and his methods are unusual, but Elvis gets results. And deep underneath that hotshot cheeky personality, he has a good heart. The demon that’s taken the little girl is high up on the food chain and it’ll take a team of individuals to get her back. In addition to Elvis, the team includes, Keta, Elvis’s sister and Nancy, an individual who can channel demons for extra strength and capabilities.  Diablero is in Spanish, but if you set a new year’s resolution of reading more, this show will satisfy your needs. I love a decent urban fantasy show or book and with the subtitles on this show, I’m technically getting both. Diablero is currently only available on Netflix. TV-MA

You’re the Worst

Jimmy and Gretchen are horrible people. And they don’t care. Jimmy is an author. He’s had one decent novel and hasn’t really put anything out since then. Gretchen is a PR Executive. Gretchen is also an expert in all things self-destructive. For some reason Jimmy and Gretchen work. They should not. Jimmy is selfish and insensitive. He has one friend that he treats horribly and justifies doing so because he allows his friend, Edgar, to live with him for free. Gretchen has and will lie to anyone and everyone. Even her main client. But Jimmy and Gretchen work. And you should hate Jimmy and Gretchen, but you can’t. Because Jimmy and Gretchen are human. And you can see a part of yourself in Jimmy and Gretchen. That deep, deep, deeep, down horrible part of you, that rarely sees the light of day. And that’s ok. Cause sometimes we all really are the worst. You’re the Worst is currently available on Hulu and on the FXX app. TV-MA

Steven Universe

Steven is a gem, well half human and half gem. He’s the only male gem in existence. He along with the gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl make up the Crystal Gems. Steven doesn’t have a 100% control over his powers yet, but he’ll get there. While the other Crystal Gems have hundreds of years of experience, Steven is still a young boy. But don’t let his inexperience fool you. What Steven lacks in experience he more than makes up for with his can-do attitude and caring nature. Even when all hope seems lost Steven will always look for a way. Steven Universe is another kid show, that’s great for all ages. The shows are short enough for a child’s attention span but so full of character development and story, adults will be entertained. Plus each episode has a catchy song. The full version of the theme song, “Love Like You” will make you think of a lover, “Stronger Than You” will give you that final push when working out, and “It’s Over Isn’t It”, will be your go-to cry song about lost love. Steven Universe is available on the Cartoon Network app and HULU. TV-PG

Future Man

Josh Futturman’s life is on a never-ending cycle of work and gaming. By day he works as a janitor at a science facility and by night he plays Biotic Wars. His only goal in life is to complete the never before defeated final level in Biotic Wars. One day Josh does so, and his life is turned upside down. He is visited by strangers that resemble characters from the game. Suddenly Josh is thrown into a mission to save humanity from extinction. Future Man is full of crude and dark humor. Keep in mind when watching it, Seth Rogen is one of the executive producers. Think of the Hangover the Sci-Fi addition. If you don’t take Future Man too seriously it’s a great time. Hulu has really stepped up its original content. And while I still think Netflix has the better library of OG content, Future Man is an excellent contender to the original content game. Future Man is only available on Hulu. TV-MA


What happens when a Boston ad exec and a British schoolteacher have a one-night stand? Catastrophe looks into what happens weeks after the one-night stand and how it affects the lives of those involved. Rob and Sharon decide to see if they can make it work when Sharon decides to keep their surprise baby. The sex may have been great but trying to make a relationship work is hard. Especially when you barely know the person with whom you suddenly share an unborn child. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll flip back and forth about which of the two you’re most frustrated with. Catastrophe is a Prime original only available on Amazon Prime Video. TV-MA

Let me know what you’re watching in the comments! I’m ALWAYS looking for show suggestions!

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