Fake Your Way to Better Music Taste Friday-week 2

Part two of songs I’m feeling this week. If you see Lacey from accounting in line at the food truck, let her know you’re enjoying these five songs.

Alina  Baraz & Galimatias- Fantasy

“So you say you wanna get away / We don’t need a plane / I could be your escape / Take you to a place / Where there’s no time / no space.”

The Internet- La Di Da

The entire album Hive Mind is amazing, but this song has a special place in my heart.

Rex Orange County- Corduroy Dreams

Remember that wonderful sweet young love you had where everything was fun and new? This song gives you flashbacks to that feeling.

PREP- Line by Line (feat. Cory Wong & Paul Jackson Jr.)

I’m sure you could be unhappy when you listen to this song, but it’s pretty freaking hard to be. It’ll put a little hop in your step.

Tessa Violet- Crush

Watch the video. Relisten for the song.

Let me know what you’re listening to in the comments below! I’m always looking for new music. And shows. Or books. Honestly any suggestions on anything hobby wise.

The Fake Pinterest Mom

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