Fake Your Way to Better Music Taste Friday-week four

I’m two days late on my Fake Your Way to Better Music Taste Friday post. I apologize, it was my birthday weekend. In honor of my 26th, this list is of birthday themed songs. Lacey in accounting’s birthday already passed, but maybe you can share these with her so she can sing these to others?

2 Chainz- Birthday Song

Because don’t we all just want a big booty hoe for our birthday?

Taylor Swift-22

No, she doesn’t explicitly say she’s turning 22 or that it’s her birthday. But every basic girl comments the lyrics to this song on her BFFs page when her BFF turns 22.

Rihanna-Birthday Cake

This song puts you into the best mood. After you’ve had a drink or two or three or four, you can still sing all the lyrics because, 95% of the lyrics are the word Cake repeated.

50 Cent- In Da Club

Go shorty it’s your birthday

Stevie Wonder-Happy Birthday

If you only have time for one Happy Birthday song, have the sweet sweet voice of Stevie Wonder sing one to you.

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