Crafting for the Thrill of It

Are you tired of seeing all those wonderful posts by Katie the stay at home mother of three who crafts all these wonderful things for his kids? Well stop hating on Katie and learn to do something! I mean Katie is probably really annoying and doesn’t have real friends, so don’t worry about her. Let’s find a new hobby for you!

There are so many crafting hobbies you can learn that are inexpensive and easy! My favorite go-to is crocheting. It’s remarkably easy to teach yourself and the tools are super cheap. You can find everything you need to get started at your local craft store. I myself am obsessed with Michael’s Craft Store. I’m not even sponsored by them. I just love that store so much.


To get started below is a link for getting started in crocheting. There’s also a video to help you for those who prefer watching someone’s physically doing the action so you can better figure it out.

Once you’ve got it down, it’s time to look for a project! The best thing to start with is a blanket. This will to get the repeated motion down and strengthen your hand.

This buffalo blanket pattern is great! The author of this pattern does a great job of explaining the steps. There are also videos if you’re unsure of what you should be doing during a certain step.


Needlepoint isn’t just for your grandma. Many people young and old, male, female, non-gender specific needlepoint. My favorite type of needlepoint is the cross stitch. This refers to the type of stitch used in a pattern.

I love it. It is a very large commitment of time, so if you’re looking for a quick project cross stitch may not be for you. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can get a truly beautiful piece of art. And you learn to have the patience to stab something a thousand times.

The nice thing about needlepoint is that you can find kits. These kits will have the pattern pre-printed on the canvas, needles, and all the needed yarn.

The link below will get you started on the basics of cross stitch.

Once you’ve got it down you can choose to get a kit or find a pattern and get your items from your local craft store.

For patterns, I look to Etsy. I have fallen in love with the individual ElCrossStitch’s patterns. Yes, you will have to pay for it, but this individual usually has deals on their patterns. By the way, this individual is not giving money to say so. I freaking wish someone would pay me to mention them in one of my posts but alas I am not yet famous enough for that. A girl can hope.

The link below will take you to their Etsy page. I purchased multiple patterns and do not regret it. I also feel extremely guilty that I have made plenty of craft items for my son and absolutely none for my daughter. Hence why I am working on a unicorn cross stitch.

Adult Paint by Numbers

So yes paint by numbers used to be for kids. And I mean you can totally get one for your kiddos but they now make them for adults. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes as you read this but there are actually some really cool ones out there.

Last year I was rather addicted to them. I completed about six before I became addicted to another hobby. That being said, I have four that I haven’t started that I will eventually need to complete. But seriously they’re pretty cool. They’re remarkably easy to do and you get a wonderful painted work of art when you’re done.

You can find them on Amazon for a reasonable price. You can also get sucked into purchasing them through Instagram but those come from China and take FOREVER to arrive.

The link below will take you to Amazon’s selection:

Wood Carving

I’m not super into wood carving but my husband has dabbled in it. But the stuff he has been able to create from chipping away at a piece of wood is pretty cool. And if anything I doubt Katie who has knitted sweaters for her three questionable children has made something out of wood. If she has, then power to her! But now, so can you!

The website Chipping Away will get you started. They go over things in a glance to give you an overall idea of Wood Carving. From there the website The Woodcarver’s Cabin will give you more guidance.

Soap Crafting

I have yet to try soap crafting but I love the idea of it. Your house will smell wonderful, you’ll always have soap. And you can be that person who makes and gives their own soap to people for Christmas. If you’re like me you’ll also make a game out of coming up with soap names; Lavender Love You Long Time, Cinamon Me Crazy Mon, Beauty and the Basil. I know that last one was weak….

Spruce Crafts, of course, has a webpage dedicated to learning to make soap. They have a webpage for everything. But if you’re interested please click the link below:

Now go make something you magnificent creature!

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