Fake Your Way to Better Music Taste pt.5

I’m officially out of school for the summer, so I can finally blog again. Let’s beef up that music taste!

Lacey from Accounting recently went on a trip to New Zealand so she may not be impressed with your new music taste for a few weeks. Don’t worry, sit on this new knowledge, it’ll come in handy. She can only share about her vacation so many times before it becomes annoying.

Phony Ppl- Why iii Love the Moon

Have you ever needed the perfect theme music for gazing out the window at night? Look no further, Why iii Love the Moon by Phony Ppl is the perfect song for you. It combines chill beats with a love of nature and hints of distrust of people.


I have yet to figure out how many people are in the band Jungle and I swear there’s someone different singing on each track. Which has nothing to do with how awesome this song is. Casio is a wonderful throwback to dance funk. I dare you to not want to dance when you listen to this song. I double dog dare you to not want to dance after watching the music video.

Prep- Snake Oil feat. Reva Devito

I’ve mentioned Prep before on my music posts and I will continue to do so. With lyrics such as:

I know you think he’s some kind of real thing
The kind of truth you wanna find
But if you just needed someone pretending
I could have told you better lies
Don’t say you believe it (Don’t say you believe it)

We’ve all been there. Now you can sing it out in the car with your kids in the back confused why one song brings out such emotion in you. It was that dick Brandon or that ho Dani; women can be manipulative liars too!

Steve Lacy- Ryd/Dark Red

You may (or may not) recognize Steve Lacy from the band the Internet. And for the band you usually see him playing an instrument. But Steve can sing. And it is absolutely wonderful.

Sarah McLachlan- When She Loved Me

I am such a sucker for a sad song, I’ve mentioned it before on previous spots. And good Lord, this song really gets me going. I can’t hit any of the high notes, but I haven’t stopped trying much to the displeasure of my five year old.

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