Fake Your Way to Better Music pt.6

It may be summer break for my kid, but I will sadly continue going to work every day. Which, I like what I do, but man, I sure do miss getting to do absolutely nothing for two months.

Anyways here’s a new playlist of tunes to get you through your day. Oh and Lacey from accounting is out of stories from her vacation so feel free to update her music taste as well.

Joe Hertz-Stay Lost ft. Amer-Simone (Cabu Remix)

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I tend to share up beat music that’s easy to dance to. I try to find different sounding songs, but chances are, you can dance to it all.

Stay Lost by Joe Hertz is no different. You’ll get lost and stay lost in the rhythm.

Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend takes me back to my college years. And Oxford Comma made me feel like I was so cool. Listen to your MGK and Wiz Khalifa, I’ll take my Phoenix and Ben Folds Five and Death Cab for Cutie and hang out on the roof of the dorm. Someone should have told college me that no one cares. Like absolutely no one cares.

The Killers – The World We Live In

Quick story, when I was in high school my parents took my brothers and I on vacation to France. And at the time my younger brother was obsessed with The Killers. So much so that he HAD to buy the recently released Day & Age at the airport. And since we rented a car and drove everywhere during that vacation, that CD was played on repeat. You may ask yourself, why is this so odd. My father was born and raised in Detroit, so he’s into all things Motown. My mother born and raised in Ohio to a very religious family, mainly sticks to gospel. My dad still remembers all the lyrics to their hit song from that album, Human.

John Mayer-Emoji of a Wave

Every playlist needs a sad song or two. This week’s will be John Mayer’s, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. Continuum remains to be my (and every other basic girls’) favorite John Mayer album. Seriously go to a John Mayer concert, the arena is full of 20 year old females. He’s like 40 now… I still love him.

Daniel Caesar- Take Me Away, feat. Syd

Daniel Caesar and Syd from the Internet. What more could you need? I love to be corny and use the titles in my little caption but seriously this song will take you away for a short moment.

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